Monday, December 7, 2009

The Free Bird

I'm amazing at accumulating stuff...housewares in particular. Moving 3,000 miles away from where I started, a lot of that stuff has found new homes. Although my heart hurt to send most of it away in hopes of a new start far, far away, I did keep the most precious of precious. The precious of precious is tucked safely away in an attic in California, and here I sit atop my new home furnished with no more than a futon mattress on the floor, a 50's wire side table, and a small abandoned "shabby chic" (*bleh*) chair from the previous tenant in Boston. My walls feel empty, my clothes fighting over space in the closet (they miss the safe habitat of a dresser they are oh-so used to), and the two suitcases I brought with me are of new use to me as make-shift drawers filled with scarves, hats, and undergarments. The Nest is something that almost creates itself over time. I forgot how that works; I've been collecting trinkets and furniture and dishes since I was 14 in the dreams of making a home of my very own one day. And I did. Then I moved away from it all. So now, the Nest starts again. Slowly, but most surely. Until then here is this: all my whimsy wishes of the most perfectly, eclectically, modernly delicious house treats I adore.

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