Saturday, December 19, 2009


Currently figuring out layers. It's a process. It looks easy, but when form meets function it throws a wrench in the whole thing. Having to walk everywhere in arctic weather makes for its own challenges. It's as though my feet have become tires, and God forbid they're balding. And note: I adore my dresses, I do not wear tennis shoes, and I don't do hoodies. These, among other fashion quirks and rules I've come to make my own over the years, make for this whole challenge of Boston dressing that much more strategic and fun. All in hopes that at some point I'll be able to just about throw whatever on that's lying around, already knowing what will or will not work for whatever weather decides to come in on any given day. A layer I've already learned and appreciate well: The unseen- a layer of footed tights, a layer of footless tights, and then pants. Wowsers. IDK. Gimme ideas.

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