Saturday, December 19, 2009


I miss my Dad.

He called me yesterday and left a message. Worried me a bit since we'd talked a day or so before, so to call so soon after makes me nervous sometimes. He's typically the bearer of bad news. Instead, he left a really sweet message to say "hello" and that they "sure do miss you". I think he was just sort of bummed out since I'm not coming home for Christmas. This will be the first Christmas of my life I haven't spent with my Dad; and for my Dad, that would make this his first Christmas in 25 years without me. It's strange. I adore my Pop. No one in the world could mean as much to me as he does. The conversation took an odd twist, too. He mentioned starting the search for a new job (he was laid off in February after the company he had worked for for about 30 years went out of business). This is a whole new world to him. A WHOLE new world. So it ended with me giving him the best advice I could about it. I told him I'd love to help him with his resume. I told him to write down every single thing he knows how to do, no matter how meaningless he may think it is; every last thing. Then we can go through it all and put it together into something cohesive. This little thing, something I can do for my Dad, makes me so happy. I'm really, really proud of him, and I'm so happy there is something I can help him with. It makes me feel adult. Strange.

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