Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been awhile since I've felt completely at home anywhere. All the home paraphanalia I've collected over the years is safely boxed up in the attic just waiting for a new place to live. I imagine it will feel a lot like Christmas morning when I get to open it all up and find just the right place for each object.

Being in California again makes me happy. Although I am without work at the moment, it's been a very good time to put things in perspective. A friends brother said it sounds like I'm going through retail PTSD. Which, once he mentioned that, it does. I have a near panic attack every time I walk into a potential store to work at. I've trapped myself in the retail bubble. And that's a very dangerous bubble to be in, and one I never wished to find myself in, either.

Although I adore clothes and shopping and the like, working in the world of it at this point has left me feeling flat. The world of housewares is calling my name. I don't know how or where, but that just has to be the next place to be. Even if that means in retail (gag).

The little dip my ego/heart/mind has taken since getting back is slowly evaporating. I feel better, and hopefully in "feeling" better, good things are on the horizon.

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  1. I think your self-recognition in this post is very mature. I feel for you and understand.