Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friends Far Away

This is what my car looks like in Sacramento
I left my heart in Sacramento.  And Fort Ross.  And Forestville.  Parts in Alameda, and half way up the 5 at the charming vegan Indian restaurant in the middle of nowhere.  I mooed at cows and baaed at sheep while driving the 10 hours alone.  I ruined my "nice" ballet flats.  Lots and lots of meat was consumed.  Pitched a tent alone.  Living by the seat of my pants in the middle (or on the edge) of nowhere.  I learned a few new words in Spanish.  Friends were married- I cried- in a secular ceremony so touching yet only 5 minutes long (perfection!).  I successfully found my way up mountains and through woods and encountered the charm that is Sonoma County.  Being home again feels only a little strange.  

Part of me wishes to be there all the time.

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