Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last night I had the most bazaar dream.  It was long and testing and towards the end I was dreaming about my earlier dreams (while in my dreams?).  Strange.  At one point I felt a sort of splinter in my foot.  I inspected the situation to find a small talisman (the best way I can describe it) deeply buried in the bottom of my foot.  I pulled it out to find it to be a little wood/clay statue of a plague doctor.  Incredibly creepy, but rad nonetheless.  What does that even mean?  According to my dream dictionary, a young woman (that's me) dreaming of a talisman denotes she will be pleased in her marriage....or something like that.  I think it was more specific that the talisman be given to her by her beloved, but since I'm currently without a beloved I choose to take it as a sign that my beloved (alas, wherever he may be) sent it through the universe into my strange dream just to remind me he's there, somewhere, in the same boat.  Perhaps my unconscious is able to send him a little token of affection back?  Who knows.  Oh the Universe, filled with phenomena I may never be able to explain.

Ironically, here I am with the tree of enlightenment.  How I love enlightenment...even if only in the smallest doses.

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