Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Spread

I apologize for the one blurry picture and lack of more, but it was just such a magical evening I must have been wrapped up in it in real time.  Whatta concept.  My friend Leslie and I don't get to see each other much anymore these days.  Distance, work, and family obligations keep us from doing as many things together as we used to.  So one warm Sunday evening we decided to get together.  A small spread was thrown together, the wine poured, and we eventually found our way (with wine) out for a walk through the adorable neighborhood, dreaming of which houses we'd live in and sneak peaks into open doors and drawn blinds.  We found a built-in dresser from a Spanish style house we passed with a "free" sign, so we hustled back to my FIT and picked it up.  Stealth like ninjas we pulled out all the drawers, lifted the ramshackled thing into the back of the car and were off in about 60 seconds flat.  We continued walking around the neighborhood for at least another hour.   It was perfection in a summer evening.  Long conversation, nommies, wine, free discarded furniture.  Absolute perfection. 

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