Monday, September 26, 2011


I've been on a crafting rampage this month.  In my perfect dream life I would effortlessly make everyone Christmas gifts, every year.  Starting early was important for the reason that every year I make such a decision, I end up rushing around last minute making super lame crap that no one would actually want or use.  It's not as charming to make lame crafts and pawn them off as gifts when you're twenty-six.  When I was 5, it was totally my shtick.  It worked well for me; granted in my own head they were perfect!  My Aunt Patti actually kept on her kitchen counter (for years) a white-cotton-ball-haired bottle woman in a blue "dress" and "apron" that I had made her.  If you could ever see it you would find the air quotes most appropriate.  I love my Aunt for many, many reasons, but that is definitely up there on the list.
I'm pretty proud of how my first batch EVER of salt dough ornaments turned out.  Though I tried dying the dough with food coloring (which made for sweet pastel colors once baked), I ended up painting them with watercolors which took beautifully to the baked dough.  It made for soft yet bright colors.

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