Sunday, September 4, 2011


antique clippers
So my latest project is to clear all the antiques from my mom's attic.  Clear, as in sell, get rid of, redistribute in some way.  My concerns with this are as follows:  1) I haven't actually seen any of this stuff yet and I wish not to get attached to any family heirlooms (Which I was perfectly fine not knowing existed and therefore not having to find storage for, for god knows how long) and 2) Ebay.  I'm barely comfortable with Etsy- and by comfortable I mean an internal burning fear.  My mom swears it's the easiest, so come Tuesday I will attempt The Ebay.  As with Etsy, I have this likability complex:  if I suck at this because I don't know what I'm doing I worry I might be seen as an asshole and get a bad grade.  Neurotic much?  Sometimes.  Maybe. 

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