Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today was my first-ever attempt at machine dyeing.  It went well, certainly easier than I imagined.  There was a pair of black denim that was in serious need of revival, as well as a plain white skirt I recently made from a vintage slip I no longer wear.  The denim came out solid.  The skirt didn't take quite as well, though it did dye evenly so it looks great and wearable none-the-less.  I used a chocolate brown package of RIT to dye it, but the color came out more of a light rosy/neutral brown.  It still looks absolutely darling.  I think it came out that color because of the fabric content- I don't think it's 100% cotton, maybe a rayon or nylon blend?  Regardless, I did both loads back to back which made for a colorful washing machine.

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