Thursday, October 18, 2012

Found: Doll Arms

Strange, but not too uncommon for me, to find a ziplock bag full of doll parts.  They are most likely from the attic at my moms, belonging to my Grandma Darleen.  Apparently keeping unnecessary bits of things that aren't much without the rest of them runs in the family.  My thought, I imagine, as I tucked them away (and perhaps as my Grandma had years before) was "I can't just throw them away, they belong to someone, somewhere!"  Obviously the Realist in me doesn't get much play between the Sentimental in me and the Emotional side winning most matches.  

There is someone somewhere that could use a menagerie of doll arms.  Now available in the Shop. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Grandma Darleen

Grandma Darleen brought her sample ballot to dinner so we would all know who and what to vote for.  This woman seriously drives me bananas and cracks me up- most times, simultaneously.  The depth for which she cares for us, our little family of my mom and brother and me, is unending.  For all she's learned and experienced in her 88 years, she's still incredibly spirited (some might say a spitfire!) and filled with wonder.  I hope, I hope, I hope I may be as lively as she is when I'm 88.

Clogs in the Shop!

Finally!  I've been working my tuchus off getting a ton of new items posted up in the shop.  These darling clogs are now available!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Social Networking Cleanse + Instagram Photos

1. Beautiful roses from our backyard.  2.  My best friend Traci and I at the art walk before her departure for her trip around the world!  3. My brother Jim and I at our cousin's for the 4th of July.  4. Breakfast.
I am seriously contemplating deleting my Facebook account.  This isn't something I throw out there lightly.  It has never actually crossed my mind to delete it until now.  I asked my friend Sarah her thoughts on this and she said she had also been thinking about doing so!  It seems as though I use it primarily to keep up on gossip and to compare my life (good or bad, intentionally or unintentionally) to others, and that just isn't necessary.  

Last night I went through and deleted over a hundred friends.  I worried I might make some of them feel bad by doing so.  In reality, though, they may never even notice I deleted them.  If I could I would delete a large portion of family whom I don't speak to over FB anyways, but that might really ruffle some feathers and add unintended drama.  There is really only a small pool of people that I would keep if I could get away with it.  People I know from long ago and far away whom I adore dearly and do not correspond with elsewhere.  At first I thought I'd rule out people I don't talk to in "real life", but in my travels and years I have made some dear friends whom I just don't talk to in real life, but want to still keep close- via the interwebs, at least.

This morning I already felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.  My goal in this process (of cutting back or deleting it all together) is to weed out the Negative Nancy's and Carl Complainers (I was going to go with Carla, but I wanted to make sure to represent both genders in the negative complainer ways).  They are obnoxious and I refuse to be berated by their nonsense.  Especially with this being an election year, I don't think I could have picked a more perfect time.

I am one to check my email throughout the day.  I am one with Pinterest and Instagram, and I don't believe I would wish to live in a world without Google Reader.  I do not miss Myspace (deleted that years ago) and I plan on deleting my Google+ account because I really never (ever) use it.  There is a very quiet and small spot in my heart left for my Live Journal account, though most of the very few friends I had on there have since abandoned theirs.  Is it possible to live in the world today without a Facebook account?

As I scrolled through my friends list last night I noticed a number of friends have cancelled their accounts as well.  This was encouraging.  I'm not alone in this desire to jump ship!  There's more thinking to be done, but perhaps I'll skip the thinking and just do it.  We shall see!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day

My Dad is pretty awesome.  This year I kept it simple with the Mad Men Season 4 DVD set and a card that farts when you open in.  I imagine Paul will very much enjoy that one as well. 

He also doesn't wear ties.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Last week I found this recipe for Brownie Roll-Out Cookies at Smitten Kitchen via Pinterest.  It seemed simple enough and I was in desperate need of chocolate.  The recipe was easy to follow and my first foray into working with cocoa powder.  These are the most perfect of chocolate cookies- sweet but not sugary, rich chocolate flavor, and still soft days later.  Everyone enjoyed these.  I plan on making them again and again.

Lessons learned from this experience:  simple, broad cookie cutters are best to ensure they're soft.  Also, rolling them out a little thicker next time- I didn't really pay much attention to the thickness specified in the recipe and sort of eyeballed it instead.  This worked alright, but I definitely see the difference in a thicker cookie.  I never quite understood the importance of parchment paper, but after substituting with butter and flour I understand the difference.  The part of me that feels it to be a waste makes me curious about Silpat.  After finding this e-how article on it I'm still up in the air about it.  Economical-yes, but is it safe?  More research for me to do!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I've been on a crafting rampage this month.  In my perfect dream life I would effortlessly make everyone Christmas gifts, every year.  Starting early was important for the reason that every year I make such a decision, I end up rushing around last minute making super lame crap that no one would actually want or use.  It's not as charming to make lame crafts and pawn them off as gifts when you're twenty-six.  When I was 5, it was totally my shtick.  It worked well for me; granted in my own head they were perfect!  My Aunt Patti actually kept on her kitchen counter (for years) a white-cotton-ball-haired bottle woman in a blue "dress" and "apron" that I had made her.  If you could ever see it you would find the air quotes most appropriate.  I love my Aunt for many, many reasons, but that is definitely up there on the list.
I'm pretty proud of how my first batch EVER of salt dough ornaments turned out.  Though I tried dying the dough with food coloring (which made for sweet pastel colors once baked), I ended up painting them with watercolors which took beautifully to the baked dough.  It made for soft yet bright colors.