Friday, February 26, 2010

Moustache Madness

All of March we're having "March Moustache Madness" at work. Today I made a few 'staches to give our customers some ideas. I'm bringing some felt from home, also, which make amazing moustaches.

PS. currently in-serious-love with this horse sweater.


On Tuesday I leave for California for ten whole days! I'm so excited to be relieved from a New England winter. Though, it has been quite mild. Last night the rain was so heavy and the wind was so strong! Then I woke up this morning to sunshine pouring through my window. Outside has mostly dried out already. Still, I plan on packing for sunshine. This weekends prep for the trip includes doing lots of laundry.

I have a pile of alterations I'm taking with me to do with my Grandma. It blows my mind that in moving here I somehow didn't bring a sewing kit. I miss my sewing machine, and yesterday I popped into the local Singer shop and ended up leaving with notions to play with.

Thank God the sunshine is out today. Very, very, very excited about it. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It has been raining all day. And I mean all day. It was only a bothersome drizzle when I left the house, though by the time I made it back it was a pretty good downpour. In leaving the warmth and comfort of my cozy home during such weather, I expected to only be gone 45 minutes, tops. But then I had this burst of energy that kept me out for four hours taking care of errands.

When I finally made it home, the kitchen exploded (because I was so on fire cooking and baking up a storm, that is). This was my first attempt ever at cooking tofu. The tofu itself came out great; the texture was perfect. The "sweet and sour" sauce? Eh. At least I've learned a new skill in the basics of making tofu. Next up? Getting a good marinade down.

Beyond attempting tofu, I also cooked up some chicken breasts for the next few days (I know, I know, maybe the karma of cooking chicken while cooking tofu is why my sauce turned out terrible? Hm.). And I went nuts with pie dough and boysenberry jam. I made some cute little mini pies that turned out tasty, though didn't bake up exactly as I had hoped. With all the left over tidbits, and a little deflated by my defunct try at food in general this evening I spooned out unnecessary amounts of boysenberry jam and played with my food. The result? Happy boysenberry turnover thingies that lost their guts in the oven. But they make me so happy to look at...and eat. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I had to. I just had to. The second I found them, albeit overpriced, I had to have them. It was as though I was thirteen all over again. Though at thirteen I don't think I would have donned hearts and bows on them. Now it just needs to stop raining so I can wear them. They may just have to wait for California.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here's my new favorite lil' online shop for everything Scandinavian.

And I'm very excited clogs are suddenly desirable again. It makes me feel a little more comfortable strolling around in these puppies by Hasbeens.
Perhaps it's the hippie in me that thinks these are just adorable and completely acceptable to wear with anything and everything.


My last minute collage for work today.

Egg in a Basket

This was this morning's attempt at an Egg in a Basket. Considering it wouldn't exactly be viewed as a success by any gourmet chef, I'm still pretty proud of it. And it was delicious.